SodaStream Refill Delivery Service

Save 50% on SodaStream C02 cylinder refills


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Welcome to Soda Fizzassist

SodaStream Refill Delivery Service from Soda Fizzassist will help you fall in Love with Your SodaStream.

  • Save 50% on regular retail price.
  • Shop Local – Locally owned and operated business.
  • Avoid the expense and hassles of SodaStream exchange cylinders (aka canisters, cartridges, carbonators, tanks etc) at the big box corporate stores.
  • Save Time – Get them delivered to your door step
  • Choose a Delivery Date that works for Your schedule.
  • FREE DELIVERY on orders of 3 cylinders or more.
  • Soda stream Classic Blue and Soda stream Quick Connect Pink exchange cylinders available.
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SodaStream Refill Delivery Service

Where Soda Fizzassist Delivers

If you are within a 30km radius of Edmonton, our Sodastream refill exchange service is for you. We swap your empty cylinders (also known as canisters, cartridges, carbonators, tanks, gas and bottles) for refills at your door step. Find delivery dates & times for each Edmonton area on Delivery Schedule page.

We deliver to your home or office.
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