Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions provides answers to common questions about: Soda Fizzassist, our Delivery schedule, payment options, the Refer a Friend program, Coupons and SodaStream C02 and machines.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please ask us using our Contact Us form.

We offer FREE delivery on all orders with and 3 or more  cylinders.   For example, delivery is free when you order 3 Refills or 2 Refills and 1 Spare.

We remove the transportation costs the big box stores like Walmart, Superstore, Sobeys, Save-on-Foods, Canadian Tire, Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond all have to pay to get their empty cartridges refilled in Ontario.  That's right,  Soda Stream sends your empty canisters over 6000kms to be refilled.  We refill locally and think that makes more sense for the environment.

We recently updated our email service to minimize the delays or emails getting blocked.

If it hasn't arrived in a couple minutes, please check your SPAM folder.   If still not found, then please give us a call at 587-254-3780 and we can resolve quickly.

Delivery Questions

We deliver refilled soda stream cannisters three times a week in and around the Edmonton Metro Region.

Please check out the  Delivery Schedule for details. We will expand our delivery schedule as we grow the business.

We send an email and SMS text message when your order is Out for Delivery.

We will also send an SMS text message when your order is next in the delivery queue with an estimated time of arrival.

When your order is Delivered, you will receive an email (including a picture of your doorstep) and SMS text message.

If you order Soda Stream refills several days in advance of your preferred delivery date, we'll also send out a SMS text message the evening before to remind you of your delivery. Nice hey!

Free Delivery on orders of 3 cylinders or more in all Delivery Areas.

For orders less than 3 cylinders, a delivery fee is added to your order.

  • Metro Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St Albert & Beaumont - $3.95 on orders of 2 cylinders or $4.95 on orders of 1 cylinder
  • Areas Surrounding Edmonton:  Leduc, Nisku, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain & Fort Saskatchewan - $5.95 on orders of 2 cylinders or $7.95 on orders of 1 cylinder

No. You do not have to be home for SodaStream™ cylinder exchange delivery.

At Step 2 of checkout, please specify Delivery Instructions of where you will leave the empty cylinders for exchange.

Absolutely.  At Step 2 of the checkout, please provide details (e.g. Buzz codes) for the exchange in the Delivery Instructions field for your Soda Stream canister exchange.

In certain situations, we may need to call/text you to coordinate the delivery. Please make sure your phone number is correctly entered.

We will send an SMS Text Message with our estimated time of arrival (calculated by Google) when your order is next for delivery.

Yes, please select a date from our regular schedule that works best for your schedule.

No. We provide the ultimate convenience of contactless delivery to your doorstep. Coordinating pickup isn't part of our business model.

No. We provide a local SodaStream delivery service.

We pay attention to the weather forecast and will do our best to let you know via email and text message if your delivery will be delayed due to extremely bad weather like blizzards.  Our vehicles are equipped with AWD and Winter tires so we usually pretty good at getting around.
Soda stream exchange Canada isn't a problem

Yes.  CO2 in your Sodastream Cylinder will not freeze.  After bringing your refills inside, allow them time to come up to room temperature before using.

We will ring your doorbell ONLY if you request it in your Delivery Instructions.  Otherwise we don't as we wish to be respectful of shift workers, babies etc. that may be sleeping during the day.


Payments for our service are made online via the following options:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal - Credit / Debit cards
  • Google Pay - requires Chrome browser
  • Apple Pay - requires Safari browser
  • Interac e-Transfer

1. Login to our Account under My Account
2. Click on Orders
3. Click on View on a recent order
4. Click the Order again
5. Items from the prior order will be defaulted into your cart
6. Proceed to Checkout

At checkout select the Interac e-transfer option.  After placing your order, it will be Pending Payment.

Then please follow the e-transfer instructions provided on the order confirmation.
Your order will remain Pending until payment is received.
We ONLY deliver paid orders. Orders unpaid following planned delivery will be cancelled.

No. Handling cash or cheques and/or making change would make our service more expensive and isn't something we offer.  We deliver based on prepaid orders.

100% satisfaction is our goal. In the event you are not satisfied, we will work with you to make it right.

Refer a Friend & Coupons

Give $5 Get $5 by simply sharing Soda Fizzassist with your friends using Email, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. Your friend will receive a $5 coupon off their first order of 2+ refills. Once your friend orders, you will receive a $5 coupon for your next order of refills over $20. Easy peasy.

Your coupons are displayed in Cart page when you have added items to your cart.

No, if someone is already a Soda Fizzassist customer, you will receive the message "Unable to send 1 invite. The email address may be unsubcribed or not eligble to be referred".

Send an email to and we will connect your original order as a guest to your new customer account.  Then you will be able to utilize the refer a friend program.

SodaStream™ Cylinders

First check to ensure the Sodastream CO2 canister is installed properly.  For Classic Blue twist cannister, ensure it is turned in tightly.  For Quick Connect Pink cannister, ensure they are clipped in properly. It is time to order Refills when your cartridge  makes a sputtering sound and minimal bubbles appear in your water bottle.

Yes.  We carefully refill Soda Stream cannisters to 1150 grams or more total weight.   Each SodaStream C02 canister contains approximately 410 grams of liquid CO2.   Occasionally, the cylinder valves fail and the cannister will feel a little light due to the slow leak of CO2.  We replace these cannisters no questions asked. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please reach out by phone, email or via our contact form and we'll make it right.

We refill Sodastream CO2 cartridges with Beverage Grade Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sourced locally from a nationwide supplier.  Our CO2 has the highest purity available at 99.9%. Beverage grade CO2 is what our local restaurants and bars use for carbonation.

This is nothing to worry about and the ice will simply melt.  To avoid ice forming, shorten the duration of each press.

The TERRA, ART & DUO Sparkling Water Makers come with the pink-handle system and are only compatible with Soda Stream Quick Connect Cylinders.

Yes, we supply genuine Sodastream CO2 canisters at the same price you would pay for them at a big box retailer.

We only refill SodaStream CO2 stamped cylinders. That way you can always exchange the old fashioned way at your local big box retailer.

Make sure the cylinder is twisted tight into the machine. If the canister releases gas when twisted in, please remove cylinder and check to ensure a black rubber washer is in position. Sodastream Twist Black Washer

Absolutely, we will pay for your empty Sodastream cartridges. Please send a message via our Contact us form with how many you have and where you are located.

Absolutely.  Just let us know in the delivery instructions that you would like to swap blue for pink.